Washington Elementary

Washington Elementary continues to educate students beginning in kindergarten through fifth grade serving approximately 300 students. The Washington Elementary Staff is committed to developing the whole child – the social, emotional, and academic child. Our dedicated staff is motivated and trained to meet the differentiated needs of all students.

Additional Academic Services

At Washington Elementary we strive to meet the needs of all students. It is our goal to provide great classroom instruction that allows students to meet state standards. Universal screening is testing that is done at three benchmark periods throughout the year; September, January, and May. This testing determines which students may be at- risk for not meeting grade level expectations in reading or math.

We use the screening data to select students for additional services. If a student is below 35% on the universal screening, he or she receives additional services.


600 East Harvey Street
Ely, MN 55731


Phone: (218) 365-6166
Fax: (218) 365-6138