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Ely Community Education

Heartsaver Adult & Pediatric &  Infant CPR AED Course


March  2023                                                          4-hour course

Heart Saver CPR Class Includes *Adult, Child, and Infant CPR,*CPR-1-person rescue,* Anti-choking procedures, *AED Training. 

Veteran  CPR Instructor Sue Pasmick

This course teaches skills with AHA’s research-proven Practice-While-Watching (PWW) technique, which allows instructors to observe the students, provide feedback and guide the students’ learning of skills.  Effective bystander CPR, provided immediately after sudden cardiac arrest, can double or triple a victim’s chance of survival. This training is suitable for coaches, foster care providers, tattoo artists, teachers, parents, and office/warehouse companies.

This American Heart Association class teaches CPR and Airway Obstruction, as well as the use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) for adults, children, and infants. Certificate received: Heartsaver for Adult, Infant, and Child, CPR and AED (valid for two years).

Heartsaver courses are designed for anyone with little or no medical training who needs a course completion card for a job, regulatory (for example, OSHA), or other requirements. These courses can also be taken by anyone who wants to be prepared for an emergency in any setting. For many Heartsaver courses, students receive a course completion card that is valid for 2 years. Acting immediately in the event of a cardiac arrest can greatly improve a person's chances of survival. CPR and the use of an automatic defibrillator (AED) are two tools that community members can learn to help someone in a heart-related emergency.

 Instructor: Sue Pasmick.

Class Details

  • Dates: May 17th
  • Time: 1:00 - 4:00
  • Location: CC 109 -Minnesota North Vermilion Campus College, 1900 E Camp St, Ely MN., 55731
  • Cost:: $65 for one class Book included  
  • Additional Charge for Certification CPR $27
  • Instructor Sue Pasmick

Get a discount by taking both the CPR and First Aid courses!