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 (YouTube VIDEO)

Ely Community Education is offering this youtube Video Basic Beginning Meditation class. This class is taught by Ely Community Education’s Meditation Teacher. This class is taught in four sessions. In these classes, we learn how to do the simplest meditations and what meditation is. In each session, we will learn one very simple, classic meditation.  Meditation is a practice, and the goal of this class is to give you the basics so you can create a strong meditation practice for your own purposes. You will be able to try a few classic practices and then practice on your own. If you practice consistently for about 30 days, you will begin to experience good changes, such as feeling more peaceful or having lower blood pressure. No charge for classes

go to. https://youtu.be/f0EKoeqRaJQ 

This class is for beginners’ others are welcome, but this class will focus on beginning techniques



Class Details

Dates: Starts Anytime   4 video Sessions.
Time: anytime
Location: Video 
Cost: Free

Limited Space

About The Instructor

Jean Gendreau has wandered for about 70 years. She writes about spirit, travel and personal growth and has published essays and children’s stories. (Her personal essays are at www.jeangendreau.com) She’s lived in India and traveled in Wales, Greenland, Bhutan, Brazil, Scotland, Mongolia, Italy, and Ireland. Today she lives in the woods of northern Minnesota, plays fiddle, sings in the choir, bakes biscuits and adores her grandson.


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