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Basic Tree Care with Louise and Austin

Find out how healthy trees stay healthy. How to help your unhealthy trees. This class will inform you of basic knowledge of proper tree care that can help you have a better understanding of your trees and their health.  An overview of tree care essentials is provided in this class.  Tree care and health, basic tree identification, proper pruning and maintenance, and more topics. The benefits of trees extend far beyond the beauty they bring to the landscape. Trees give off oxygen, provide wind protection, shade, homes for birds and animals and offer many other social environmental, and economic benefits.  Tree specialists Louise Levey and Austin VanScoy are our knowledgable and experienced experts. 

In addition, two-class attendees will win a tree care door prize.

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Class Details

Saturday, December 11.

9:00 am to 12.

Ely Senior Center


In addition, two-class attendees will win a door prize.

About The Instructor

Louise Levey, Duluth. Louise is the founder of Levy Tree Care. Since graduating from Carleton College in 1989 Louise has worked as a graduate research assistant in Oregon and Alaska, served on the City of Duluth citizen Tree Commission, worked at the University of Minnesota Cloquet Forestry Center, and assisted Duluth with its tree inventory and tree planting program. Her experience in traditional and urban forestry gives her a well-rounded perspective on trees. 

Louise loves getting to know a client’s tree(s) and learning what is important about that tree to its owner. “Each tree has a history, and that history can be seen in its trunk and branches. Each species and variety has its own personality, its own particular branch architecture, character.” Listening to Louise talk about trees you can understand her care for trees reaches deep and why her nickname is “The Ancient One.” Education 1997 MS Forest Science, Oregon State University College of Forestry,1989 BA, Carleton College.

Austin VanScoy, Ely. Austin found ELY through VCC. Graduated VCC in 2017 with Associate and EMT certification. Austin began his career after college as a wildland firefighter in ELY and working the winter months as a tree worker for Levy Tree Care. I was inspired to learn more about plant health care and to further my career onward to starting and growing my own company someday from Louis’s mentorship. Every job since then was to gain experience and education to help me start and run a high caliber tree service providing the highest quality service around. I worked as a crew leader and production tree climber for a large tree company out of Brainerd as well as an Arborist for the Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board. Now, in 04/2021 my family took the plunge and are living the dream.


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