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4-hour Defensive Driving Course Refresher

This class has been canceled due to the spread of COVID 19


April 15, 2020

This class has been canceled due to the spread of COVID 199:00-1:00

This 4-hour Defensive Driving Course Refresher qualifies (age 55+ )participants to retain eligibility for their insurance reduction.  This class is for those persons who have already taken the 8-hour Defensive Driving Course. This course must be taken every 3 years to remain eligible for an insurance reduction. 

Our 4-Hour Refresher Defensive Driving Course is approved by the Minnesota Commissioner of Public Safety and meets all requirements of Minnesota Statutes, Section 65B.28 for retaining your automobile insurance reduction. Range Driver Training provides all materials for the course.

Directions to Community Conference room.

It is best to enter through the Essential Clinic Entrance. 

  • Enter through clinic doors.
  •  Walk down the hallway to the left.
  •  Continue down the hallway there will be an elevator on the left side of the Hallway.
  •  Take the elevator to the ground floor.
  •  Come out the elevator and turn right.
  •  Walk to the end of the hallway.
  •  The Conference Room is on the Left.

Class Details

Dates: Wednesday, April 15, 2020
Time:  9:00 am - 1:00
Location: Ely Bloomenson Community Hospital Community Conference room.

Cost:$14   BRING PAYMENT TO CLASS Cash or Checks written to Mary MaddenFree Will contribution to Ely Community Education welcomed


About The Instructor

Range Driver Training

Licensed and approved by the State of Minnesota, Department of Public Safety, since 1974.

  • Founding Member and President of the Professional Driving Association of Northern Minnesota.
  • Founding member and board of directors of the Minnesota Driving School Association.
  • Charter member and northern representative of the Association of Professional Driving Instruction In Minnesota.
  • Member of Mesabi Coalition for Safe Communities.
  • Certified Operation Lifesaver Presenters.
  • Range Driver Training | 6903 Highway 53, Britt, MN 55710 | 218-749-8926
  • http://www.rangedriverstraining.com


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