Interventions at Washington Elementary

Students that struggle beyond the core curriulum in the classroom in reading, math and/or behaviors; what do we do to support those students and help them increase their skills?

All students are assessed three times a year utilizing our District Assessment tool, FAST.
When a student scores below our district cut off score, the student is referred to Intervention Services for specific interventions. 

Our Intervention Services are provided either one-on-one or in a small group setting.   

Our Intervention Services (Title I) is a federally funded program.  Our school receives federal funds in the form of a Title I Grant.  Our Intervention staff work cooperatively with classroom teachers to provide individualized interventions that supports but does not replace what is being taught in the classroom.

Students receiving specific interventions are Progress Monitored weekly.  These weekly probes help our staff to determine if the intervention is working and if the student is making progress.  

When students continue to show progress, the student is dismissed from the Intervention Service and progresss monitored for a few weeks to ensure that the student continues to hold the skills.

School Closings

For weather related closings and postponements please contact 365-6166 extension 4