Title I

Title I

Kindergarten through 9th grade students can be eligible for Title I services.  Students must meet specific criteria to receive these Title I services. 


Title I is a federally funded program.  Our school receives federal funds in the form of a Title I Grant.  We use this money to hire additional support staff that provides instructional support to students in the areas of reading and math.  Our Title I staff work cooperatively with classroom teachers to provide instruction that supports but does not replace what is being taught in the classroom.


Title I services are provided in the classroom or in a small group setting.


Our district assess' students three times a year for Title I services: Fall, Winter, and Spring.


Sometimes with even our combined efforts of parents and teachers working together, children still struggle in school.  This is where Title I fits into a student's academic day, to give additional help where needed.


Teachers refer students to Title I when they are performing below grade level in the classroom.  Students' classroom performances are compared with test scores from one or more of the following:  MCA's, STAR Reading Test, STAR Math Test, STAR Early Literacy Test, and classroom samples.  Test scores must be within a certain range to show need for additional help.






School Closings

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