School Board Minutes (January 2009-August 2013)

Special Board Minutes

School Board Meeting Minutes                                                           July 9, 2013
          1.0     The regular meeting of the School Board of Independent School District No. 696 was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Chairman Marsnik.
2.0     On roll call the following directors were present: Kellerman, Marsnik, Richter, Sjoberg, Udovich. Absent: Pengal. Also present: Alexis Leitgeb, Superintendent; Nick Wognum, Ely Echo; Keith Vandervort, Ely Timberjay; and Kelly Klun, district’s legal counsel.
3.0     Pledge of Allegiance
4.0     Moved by Kellerman, seconded by Richter, to approve the agenda as presented. Motion carried.
5.0     Open Forum: None at this meeting
6.0     Approval of past meeting minutes:
6.1     Moved by Richter, seconded by Kellerman, to approve the minutes of the regular meeting of June 10, 2013. Motion carried.
6.2     Moved by Kellerman, seconded by Richter, to approve the minutes of the special meeting of June 13, 2013. Motion carried.
6.3     Moved by Udovich, seconded by Richter, to approve the minutes of the special meeting of June 19, 2013. Motion carried.
7.0     The following correspondence/informational items were presented:
7.1     Student council representative: None present.
          8.0     K-5 Principal’s Report: Anne Oelke
                   None at this meeting
9.0     6-12 Principal’s Report: Laurie Kess
          None at this meeting.
10.0    Old Business:
10.1    Ely-Winton Historical Society partnership. Society will hold their August meeting in the School Board room so that they can see where the pictures will be displayed.
10.2    The summary of the superintendent’s evaluation was presented to the School Board. It will be placed on file. 
11.0    New Business:
11.1    Moved by Kellerman, seconded by Richter, to adopt the FY 13, 14, 15 Health and Safety budgets. Motion carried.
11.2    The Ely School’s Committee Structure for 2013 was revised as follows due the resignation of Director Bill Skradski: Negotiations (Ely Education Association): Rochelle Sjoberg; Negotiations (Principal): Rochelle Sjoberg; Joint Powers Board alternate: Rochelle Sjoberg; Legislative Liaison: Amy Richter.
12.0    Consent Agenda:
12.1    Moved by Richter, seconded by Sjoberg, to approve the following      
Program Consent Agenda:
12.1.1 Bills due and payable and wire transfers amounting to $245,414.18 and receipts in the amount of $392,102.63 for the month of June 2013.
12.1.2June 2013 financial reports as presented: Total monthly
receipts: $392,087.83; total monthly payroll: $212,869.92; total fringe benefits: $178,654.12; invoices: $297,355.37; total monthly expenditures: $688,879.41; total revenue over expenditures: ($296,791.78).
12.1.3Approved the following gifts and donations: 1. $478.50 from the
Kiwanis Club of Ely to purchase student planners; 2. $140.00 worth of labor from Peter Kess to work on the Washington Auditorium sound system; 3. $3,675.63 from Ely Washington Elementary PTO for elementary field trips, transportation, misc.; 4. $148.07 from Wells Fargo Foundation Educational Matching Gift Program-Carole and Michael Krutsch for Fine Arts programs at Memorial High School; 5. $500.00 from Twin Metals Minnesota LLC for the choir-auditorium.
12.1.4Approved Washington Elementary student handbook changes for 2013-2014.
12.1.5Approved Ely Memorial School handbook changes for 2013-2014
12.1.6Approved Managed Services Contract with Voltz for July 1, 2013,
 through June 30, 2014.
12.1.7Approved quote from Evergreen Construction, Inc., for
snowplowing/removal services for 2013-2014. This was the only quote received.
12.1.8 Approved membership in the Minnesota School Boards Association and policy services for 2013-2014 school year.
12.2    Moved by Kellerman, seconded by Richter, to approve the following Personnel Consent Agenda:
12.2.1 Hired Chelsea Blomberg for the K-12 Health/Physical Education position for the 2013-2014 school year, $32,741.00 (BA Step 1, 1.0 FTE) as per the current master agreement between the Ely Education Association and ISD #696 and School Board policy.
12.2.2 Approved job description for Pre K-5 Principal
12.2.3 Approved job description for 6-12 Principal
12.2.4 Approved job description for Superintendent (add duties – Erates and technical in addition to Title I)
12.2.5 Approve Superintendent’s Contract (Chairman Marsnik pulled this item from the consent agenda for discussion and a vote).
Motion carried.
Moved by Richter, seconded by Udovich, to approve the Superintendent’s Contract for 2013-2016 as presented except for the following change: Page 2 Article IV, Section 2. Expiration: the Superintendent shall have the option to return to the position of principal (not  principal). For: Kellerman, Richter, Sjoberg, Udovich. Against: Marsnik. Absent: Pengal. Motion carried.       
12.3 Policy Consent Agenda:
12.3.1 Policy 902 Use of School District Facilities and Equipment – ISD #696 Rental Schedules (Board reviewed – Board action in August).
12.3.2 Moved by Richter, seconded by Kellerman, to adopt Policy 807 Health and Safety Policy as is (no changes). Motion carried.
13.0    Superintendent’s Report
13.1    Adding a STEM Class
13.2    TEXT for Life pilot program update
13.3    Door and security project update
13.4    Regional professional development project update
13.5    Band instructor position update
13.6    Arena rental contract update
13.7    Parent Link program update
13.8    Boardbook trial update
13.9    Tonight’s walk through canceled. Tentative reschedule date is August 20th at 6 p.m.
          14.0    Board Members Comments and Concerns:
14.1    Chairman Marnsik – Auditorium chiller update: chiller has arrived and is being installed. No completion date set.
15.0    Moved by Richter, seconded by Udovich, to adjourn at 7:05 p.m.
Scott C. Kellerman, Clerk