School Board Minutes (January 2009-August 2013)

Regular Meeting


School Board Meeting Minutes                                                          July 13, 2009
          The regular meeting of the School Board of Independent School District No. 696 was called to order at 7:05 p.m. by Chairman Marsnik. On roll call the following directors were present: Erzar, Kellerman, Marsnik, Pengal, Richter, York-Jesme. Absent: none. Also present: High School Principal/Director of Operations, Dr. Kimberly Belcastro; Superintendent Dr. Donald Langan; Elementary Principal Joselyn Murphy; Tom Coombe, Ely Echo; Adam Masloski, Ely Timberjay. The meeting took place in the Washington Auditorium.
4.0     Moved by Kellerman, seconded by York-Jesme, to approve the agenda as amended. Motion carried.
5.0     Several district members requested to speak regarding the OPEB bonding issue; each that spoke were given 10 minutes: Reynold Mack, Sharron Clasen, Bill           Rauch, Gerald Tyler, John Cantrell, Bill Skradski, Cindy Cantrell, Rose Shober,        Mauro Caruso, Jerry Taylor, Claire Taylor, Marsha Rokke, Martha Gamble,        Ken Wickman, Kris Lillemo, Jean Tourville.
6.0     Approval of Past Meeting Minutes:
6.1     Moved by Erzar, seconded by Richter, to approve the minutes of the regular meeting of June 8, 2009. Motion carried.
6.2     Moved by York-Jesme, seconded by Pengal, to approve the minutes of the special meeting of June 24, 2009. Motion carried.
7.0     The following correspondence/informational items were presented:
          7.1     Ely Community Resource, Inc., Quarterly Progress Report-2nd Quarter,    April 1-June 30, 2009.
          7.2     Presented Member Paul Pengal with a certificate from the Minnesota       School Boards Association for completing Phase I, II and III training.
8.0     Old Business: None.
          8.1     Moved by York-Jesme, seconded by Marsnik(who stepped down from his          position as chair), to approve the superintendent’s recommendation to         adopt the Resolution Providing For Sale of $3,080,000.00 General  Obligation Taxable OPEB Bonds; Covenanting and Obligating the District     to be Bound by and to Use the Provisions of Minnesota Statutes, Section           126C.55 to Guarantee the Payment of the Principal and Interest  on the           Bonds. For: York-Jesme. Against: Erzar, Kellerman, Marsnik, Pengal,    Richter. Motion failed.
                    Erzar asked those in attendance how many are willing to write to the       legislature and the governor regarding school funding. At least half of those in attendance raised their hand.
          8.2     Moved by Kellerman, seconded by Pengal, to approve the          superintendent’s recommendation to defer any consideration of a    school facility plan indefinitely. For: Erzar, Kellerman, Marsnik, Pengal,  Richter, York-Jesme. Against: None. Motion carried.
9.0     New Business: None.
10.0    Consent Agenda:
10.1    Moved by Erzar, seconded by York-Jesme, to approve the following      
Program Consent Agenda:
10.1.1   Bills due and payable amounting to $74,885.72 including check numbers 42844 through 42929.
10.1.2   June 2009 financial reports as presented: Total monthly receipts: $485,491.35; total monthly payroll: $176,145.35; total fringe benefits: $ 70,154.24; invoices: $77,059.71; total monthly expenditures: $323,359.30; total revenue over expenditures: $162,132.05.
10.1.3   Approved the following gifts and donations: 1. two subscriptions from the Timberjay for the high school and elementary media centers; 2. two subscriptions from the Ely Echo for the high school and elementary media centers; 3. $1,224.00 from the Township of Morse for Ely Community Education; 4. approximately three hours of staff time from Greenstone Landscaping – Dale Dodge who landscaped the flower gardens in front of the campus; 5. 1 year subscription to Mpls. Star Tribune/ 1 year subscription to Mesabi Daily News ($221.25) from Lucille Barnes-Diesslin for the high school media center.
10.1.4   Approval to establish Truth In Taxation meeting dates when available.
10.1.5   Approved Attachment #99 as presented.
10.1.6   Approved high school and elementary student handbook changes for 2009-2010 as presented.
10.1.7   Approved the 2009-2010 School Food Service Catering Agreement with Arrowhead Head Start Services with an increase in the adult meal charge from $3.85 to $4.20.
10.1.8   Approved membership in ARCC (Arrowhead Regional Computing Consortium) for 2009-2010 service in the amount of $20,265.83.
10.1.9   Approved Minnesota School Boards Association Dues for FY 7/1/09 to 6/30/10 in the amount of $2,543.00.
10.1.10 Approved JFK tenant leases for 2009-2010 with no rate  increase:
          a). Head Start (AEOA)
          b). Job Service (AEOA) Rm. 4
          c). St. Louis Co.
          d). Ely License Bureau – per day pro-rated rate @ $10.50/ sq. ft.
               per year through July 2009.
10.1.11 Renew Johnson Controls Inc. Planned Service Agreement to       service the school’s ventilation system from July 1, 2009, to June       30, 2010, with the following changes: 1. eliminate automatic       renewal language to be replaced with April 14 consideration date     for renewal; 2. renewal cost shall be established in contract before           Board approval in amount of $4292.00
10.1.12 Approved renewal of long term disability insurance with National  Insurance Services.
10.1.13 Approved renewal of group life insurance with National Insurance           Services.
10.1.14 Approved Quote for insurance appraisal services from Hirons &  Associates, Inc. in the amount of $2,000.
10.1.15 Approved request submitted by Ely Little League president, Nick Wognum, for authorization to install equipment in the bus garage           where the water line enters the building for an in-ground sprinkler      system on the Little League field with access to the bus garage to       be specifically given to the president of Ely Little League. There    will be no cost to the District.
Motion carried.
     10.2    Moved by York-Jesme, seconded by Richter, to approve the following                    Personnel Consent Agenda:
          10.2.1 Hired Jayne Dusich as Head Girls’ Cross Country Coach for the                         2009-2010 season under terms and conditions of the collective                        bargaining agreement between ISD #696 and the Ely Education                           Association and School Board policy.
          10.2.2 Approved contract of Dr. Kimberly Belcastro for the High School                       Principal/District Operations position for the 2009-2010 school                           year ($83,500).
          10.2.3 Hired Dr. Donald Langan as superintendent for the 2009-2010                         school year with terms and conditions to be brought back to the                      August meeting for Board action.
          10.2.4 Accepted the resignation of Mary Wognum from her position as                       Assistant Volleyball Coach effective at the end of the 2008-2009                      school year. A letter of appreciation will be sent.
          10.2.5 Accepted the resignation of Tricia Schreffler from her Cafeteria                        Aide position effective at the end of the 2008-2009 school year. A                          letter of appreciation will be sent.
          10.2.6 Received Notice of Desire to Negotiate from the Ely Principal’s                          Association.
Motion carried.
    10.3    Moved by Erzar, seconded by Richter, to approve the following Policy Consent Agenda:
                   10.3.1 First reading of the Media Center Policy on Material Selection. Will                          be on August agenda for approval.
                   10.3.2 Approved the Minnesota School Boards Association template of                            initial contract for licensed teachers effective at first reading.
                   Motion carried.
11.0    Administrative Reports:
11.1    Superintendent:
          11.1.1 Design for program projection for 2009-2010 to 2012-2013. Staff will be encouraged to look at instructional programs (K-12) in the        following areas: curriculum, vocational/technical, special education         with specific outcomes in mind.
          11.1.2 Recommendation to develop a 600 series for Education Programs           Policies. A full series will be presented to the Board by November.
11.2    Principal:
          11.2.1 High School Principal/Director of Operations Belcastro presented                       high school MCA II results, 2009-2010 high school handbook                        changes and some possibilities for changes in the high school                       student schedule starting in 2010-11.
          11.2.2 Principal Murphy presented the MCA II results for the elementary.
                    Kellerman asked Belcastro to submit a written explanation of why                     65% of students are not proficient in subject areas in regards to                      MCA II results to be presented at the August regular meeting.
                   Erzar suggested to Murphy that a table of contents be added to                    the elementary student handbook.
11.3    Board Committee Reports: None
12.0    There was no closed session to discuss negotiation strategy.
          13.0    Moved by Erzar, seconded by Richter to adjourn at 9:45 p.m. Motion carried.
                                                                             Scott C. Kellerman, Clerk