School Board Minutes (January 2009-August 2013)

Regular Meeting


1.0     The regular meeting of the School Board of Independent School District No. 696 was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairman Marsnik.
2.0     On roll call the following directors were present: Kellerman, Marsnik, Pengal, Pointer, Skradski. Absent: Richter. Also present: Joselyn Murphy, Elementary Principal; Kimberly Belcastro; Superintendent; Brian Dasher, Business Manager; Tom Coombe, Ely Echo; Adam Masloski, Ely Timberjay; Chip Jacobs, Foster, Jacobs & Johnson.
3.0     Pledge of Allegiance
4.0     Moved by Kellerman, seconded by Pointer, to approve the agenda as amended. Motion carried.
5.0     Open Forum: None at this meeting.
6.0     Approval of Past Meeting Minutes:
6.1     Moved by Pengal, seconded by Skradski, to approve the minutes of the regular meeting of June 13, 2011. Motion carried.
7.0     The following correspondence/informational items were presented:
7.1     Student Council representative: None present.
7.2     Chip Jacobs of Foster, Jacobs and Johnson presented a status report on the heating system replacement project
8.0     Old Business:
8.1     None at this meeting.
9.0     New Business:
9.1     Moved by Pointer, seconded by Kellerman, to adopt the Resolution Providing for the Issuance, Sale and Delivery in an Amount Not to Exceed $600,000 General Obligation Aid Anticipation Certificates  of Indebtedness, Series 2011 C; Prescribing the Terms Thereof; Creating a Debt Service Fund Therefor; and Awarding the Sale Thereof. For: Kellerman, Marsnik, Pengal, Pointer, Skradski. Against: None. Absent: Richter. Motion carried.
10.0    Consent Agenda:
10.1    Moved by Kellerman, seconded by Skradski, to approve the following Program Consent Agenda:
10.1.1 June 2011 disbursements and wire transfers amounting to $242,439.03 including check numbers 46299 through 46398 and receipts in the amount of $ 633,414.62. Skradski asked for a report that would list the description of the expense. Brian Dasher, district business manager stated he would look to see if there was a report available that listed a description for the August board meeting.
10.1.2 June 2011 financial reports as presented: Total monthly receipts: $633,414.62; total monthly payroll: $196,324.96; total fringe benefits: $148,653.39; invoices: $140,621.85; total monthly expenditures: $485,600.20; total revenue over expenditures: $147,814.42.
10.1.3 Approved the following gifts and donations: 1. $33.67 from Wells Fargo Foundation Educational Matching gift Program-Donald Rausch to be used for the Early Childhood Family Education Program; 2. $134.61 from the Wells Fargo Foundation Educational Matching Gift Program-Carole and Michael Krutsch to be used for the Fine Arts Programs for Memorial High School
10.1.4 Approved Minnesota School Boards Association July 1, 2011-June 30, 2012, membership dues in the amount of $2,693.00 and policy services renewal in the amount of $500.00
Motion carried.
                             10.1.5 Approved document Attachment #10
                                      Motion carried.
10.2       Moved by Kellerman, seconded by Pengal, to approve the following Personnel Consent Agenda:
10.2.1 Hired the following for fall head coach positions as recommended by administration for the 2011-2012 school year under terms and conditions of the collective bargaining agreement between ISD #696 and the Ely Education Association and M.S. 122A.22: Emmett Penke, head volleyball coach.
10.2.2 Renewed the following co-extracurricular fall position for the 2011-2012 school year: Donna Kari, fall musical costumer; Cory Lassi, Assistant football coach.
10.2.3 Hired Audra Carlson for the 1.0 FTE long term substitute, elementary special education position for the 2011-2012 school year in accord with the Substitute Employee Policy Code 205 (MA Step 2, $36,857) and contingent upon having on file a satisfactory criminal background check in the district office.
10.2.4 Hired Nolan Hauta for the .8 FTE grades 5-12 band instructor/.2 FTE elementary music position under terms and conditions of the collective bargaining agreement between ISD #696 and the Ely Education Association and School Board Policy (BA Step 3, $35,318.00).
10.2.5 Accepted resignation of Kristy Johnson from the cafeteria aide position as of June 26, 2011.
10.2.6 Accepted resignation of Donna Kari from the One Act Play advisor position effective at the end of the 2010-2011 school year.
10.2.7 Accepted resignation of Kelsey Borchert from the kindergarten long term sub position effective immediately. Kelsey was hired at the May 9, 2011, board meeting to fill in for Megan Devine while out on Child Care Leave (August 31,2 011, to November 22, 2011) and has since been hired as a teacher for Happy Days Preschool. The position will be reposted.
10.2.8 Approved to increase hours of Title I paraprofessionals; Mary Wognum, Denise Norman, and Nan Peterson from 4.9 to 6.5 hours per day effective 2011-2012.
          Motion carried.
10.3       Policy Consent Agenda:
10.3.1 Policy #515-R Retention and Destruction of Students Records for Special Education Students (Addendum to MSBA/MASA Model Policy 515 Protection and Privacy of Pupil Records) 2nd draft was reviewed. Board action at August meeting.
10.3.2 Policy #270 Personnel recruitment, Selection, and Hiring (reviewed for revision); discussed putting language in policy stating what step to place new teacher hire on. Discussion put on hold until after negotiations with Ely Education Association are done.
11.0    Administrative Reports:
11.1    Superintendent:
11.1.1 ISD #381 analysis comparing funds from open enrollment vs. tuition agreement were presented
11.1.2 Facilities Committee meeting was scheduled for Wednesday, July 13, 2011, at 5 p.m. It was decided that a Facilities Committee meeting will be held in April of each year.
11.1.3 Board retreat was scheduled for Thursday, September 15, 2011, at 5 p.m.
11.1.4 Update on hiring for the 2011-2012 school year
11.2    Principals:
11.2.1 Joselyn Murphy, K-12 Principal:
          PTO acquired a grant that allowed for the purchase of leveled reader books to all the students in grades 1-4   
11.3    Board Members Comments and Concerns:
Director Skradski gave an update on the crossing lights. Two solar
crossing lights would cost about $20,000.00; one to be placed at 5th Ave.
and Sheridan St. and one at Central Ave. and Conan St. Project would not
be eligible under Health and Safety funding since it is not on the district
campus. Director Skradski will contact organizations in the area in search
of funding and give an update to the board at the August meeting.
12.0    Moved by Pointer, seconded by Skradski, to go into a closed session immediately following the meeting to discuss negotiation strategy regarding the Ely Education Association. Motion carried.         
13.0    Meeting adjourned at 8:52 p.m.
Scott C. Kellerman, Clerk